Best for Life – Kegel Exercise Device

For the past ten years BestForLife™ , has provided effective products to assist with the challenges of sensitive, personal health issues. Our Pelvic muscle weight training systems are considered the leading products within the Kegel exercise category and are currently used by health professionals in clinics around the world as well as individuals from all walks of life.  With the advent of our device we have greatly increased the results and shortened the length of time necessary to see the results of kegel exercises for men and women. Please leave us a message on the contact us page if you have any questions or concerns.

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FPT kegel device for Women

FPT – Adding Weight Resistance To Kegel Exercise For Women

Increased Results, Decreased Time…

What woman doesn’t want to have full control of her bladder, a smooth childbirth process and increased physical stimulation during intercourse? All of these are possible when Kegel exercises are performed regularly and correctly.By adding the weight resistance offered by the FPT -Feminine Personal Trainer you will see better results in a shorter amount of time.

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Kegel Device

MPT – Adding Weight Resistance To Kegel Exercise For Men

Increased Results, Decreased Time…

The Maximum Personal Trainer (MPT) is a clinically tested, doctor recommended medical device to help strengthen your pc muscles.

t provides the weight resistance training you need to effectively do Kegel exercise for men.

Research indicates that strength levels can increase by 50% in the first week of use—a result many times faster than with traditional pelvic floor exercises.


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