5 Benefits of Antioxidants

benefits of antioxidants

Over the past few years, the word “antioxidants” has become a hot topic among the health conscious. In the simplest terms, an antioxidant is something that slows down the deterioration of stored foods in the body. This breakdown can produce “free radicals,” which affects the most basic functions of the body, such as blood pressure and metabolism. Antioxidants slow down this cell damage, promoting better health overall. Antioxidants can be found naturally in some foods, as well as in man-made substances. Learn why this compound is so valuable and how you can be sure you are getting enough.

  1. Reduce Risk for Coronary Heart Disease

    Antioxidants may reduce the risk for coronary heart disease in some people. Some studies have shown this to be beneficial for those who are at significant risk for heart problems and also have type-2 diabetes. Heart disease is more common among individuals who have a high level of body fat.

  2. Regulate Your Bowels

    A regular dose of muscadine, a variety of grape native to North America, can help with bowel regularity. The skins of this grape are thicker than your average white or red found at the grocery store. They are also higher in fiber, which contributes to regularity and prevents constipation, diverticulitis, and other intestinal problems.

  3. Reduced Risk for Certain Cancers

    Some people appear to have an increased risk of oxidative stress. This type of stress can leave your body more susceptible to certain cancers than others, though the precise cause is not known. For some individuals, an increased intake of certain antioxidants may reduce this risk. Certain antioxidants seem to have an effect on specific types of cancers. For example, lycopene seems to reduce the risk for prostate cancer and phytochemicals may lower the risk for lung cancer.

  4. Lower Inflammation

    Inflammation contributes to several health maladies, including arthritis and migraines. It may also be connected to cancer growth. The amino acid L-lysine also functions as an antioxidant. It may reduce inflammation throughout the body. Other antioxidants that may lower inflammation include lycopene, flavonoids, and polyphenols.he Immune System

  5. Boost the Immune System

    There may be no cure for the common cold, but a strong immune system can go a long way toward preventing one or reducing your symptoms. Many antioxidants boost the immune system, including polyphenols, phytochemicals, and carotenoids.

    Like most health topics, the benefits of antioxidants bear closer study. Research by the American Institute of Cancer Research and other groups has shown mixed results due to the sheer number of factors contributing to individual health. Although antioxidants are readily available in fruits and vegetable, many people do not get enough. If you are looking for a supplement that provides a daily dose of antioxidants, consider the BestForLife supplement AntiOxit. This product is made from cocoa and muscadine grapes and provides a broad spectrum of antioxidants that match the health benefits of 60 ounces of red wine daily. This product is made in America and meets regulatory requirements. As with any health condition, it is important to consult your physician for personalized advice.

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