Easing Nicotine Withdrawal

Everyone knows that smoking and using smokeless tobacco – snuff or dip – is less than healthy. Quitting is never easy though, and the withdrawal symptoms can be intense. They often include exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, irritability, and anxiety. Nicotine is a naturally-addictive substance, and the effect can be more pronounced in smokeless tobacco users than in cigarette smokers. Smokeless tobacco products are generally absorbed into the blood stream more quickly than smoke. Whether you have tried to quit and failed or are finally ready to kick the habit once and for all, there are options available. Quitting without help is rarely successful, but there are products for easing nicotine withdrawal that may be especially helpful for smokeless tobacco users.

    1. Find an Oral Substitute.

      For many, the pleasure of smokeless tobacco use is partly in the act of chewing. The repetitive habit is soothing and familiar. If you are used to having something in your mouth, when it is suddenly gone, you will feel off. There are several different options for you. The length of time you have been chewing and your preference in flavor and brand will affect your choice of substitute.

      You may prefer a smokeless tobacco alternative that is nicotine-free. These products mimic the texture and flavor of tobacco without the addictive nicotine. However, you will still experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You can chew these products as much as you like with minimal effect. Flavored toothpicks are also used when flavor is the important factor. Eventually you may prefer to switch to an alternative, such as chewing gum, peppermints, or similar items.

    2. Find an Accountability Partner.

      The idea of finding a “quitting buddy” might sound a little cheesy, but it works. Choose someone you know well that is also trying to quit smokeless tobacco. It should be someone whose opinion you care about, because he or she will be reminding you not to chew. Likewise, you will hold your partner accountable. A close friend will put up with the moodiness that often accompanies nicotine withdrawal, as you will for them, without hurt feeling between you. You should not only keep one another in check, but also celebrate your successes together.

    3. Use a Dietary Supplement.

      Sometimes you need something a little more to help you quit. For some individuals, a dietary supplement has been just what they need. Products like NicoFree Ultra Dippers use a blend of natural ingredients to help fight the cravings and ease the stress associated with nicotine withdrawal. NicoFree uses a combination of natural ingredients that have a calming effect, including kava, wild lettuce, valerian, and lobelia. It also includes two ingredients – levoarginine and glutamic acid – that are beneficial to the nervous and vascular systems.

      If you or a loved one has struggled to quit using smokeless tobacco, it may be necessary to seek help from a professional. Talk with your physician, a therapist, or other licensed professional about your options. In some cases, a combination of products may be most beneficial.

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