Calcium Basics – Choosing The Right Calcium Supplement For You

choosing calcium

Calcium is a mineral that promotes strong bones. As people age, both men and women, bone density decreases. This can lead to an increased risk for a break and conditions like osteoporosis. Calcium is important for more than just bones. It also strengthens teeth and muscles, and regulates nerve functions. Many people do not get the appropriate amount. Others may be unable to consume the most common sources, such as dairy products, almonds, broccoli, and salmon. A calcium supplement may be necessary and can ensure you get the appropriate recommended daily amount. Here are six things to consider when choosing the right calcium supplement for you.

1.  The Amount 

Individuals need different amounts of calcium, based on gender, age, and diet. Specifically, it is important to look at the amount of elemental calcium. The recommended daily amount (RDA) for most people is around 1,000 milligrams. If a label says it has 100 percent of the RDA, it is entirely elemental calcium.

2.  The Source 

It may come from many different sources. Calcium carbonate is the ideal form because it has the highest concentration of elemental calcium. It is made from a combination of rocks, shells, pearls, eggshells, and similar materials. Because this form is hardest to digest, it is important to take a supplement with food.

3.  Added Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. This is why it is added to milk and other dairy products. It can be taken in a separate supplement, but many  supplements include it already. Most people need between 400 and 800 international units (IU) of vitamin D daily.

4.  Type of Calcium Supplement

The type of supplement you take is a personal choice. Supplements are available in pills, chewable, powder, and liquid. Look for the option that is most comfortable for you to take regularly. If you hate swallowing pills, it will be harder to take them daily. Taking a supplement should be easy to incorporate into your routine, so it may be necessary to try several varieties.

5.  Other Medications

Supplements may interfere with prescription medicine, such as corticosteroids and antibiotics. Always read the label of a supplement to note any drug interactions. It should not be taken at the same time as zinc or iron because it will slow the absorption of all three.

6.  Your Diet Choices

When you have chosen a supplement, it is important to follow the instructions for taking it. Also, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet to reap the full benefits of the supplement. Limit caffeine intake to avoid loss through frequent urination. Sodium can also affect hydration, so cut back on high-sodium foods.

EpiCal has many benefits and can easily be worked into your everyday diet and lifestyle. It is a natural supplement made from calcium, vitamin D, and other essential vitamins. Bone health is not something that can be treated quickly. Start taking a supplement today to prevent health concerns in the future. If bone density is already a concern, speak with your doctor before starting a  supplement routine.

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