Reigniting the Spark in Your Marriage

reignite spark in marriage

The story is a common one. A couple has been married for several years. Life is routine. Everything is okay, but it just is not as exciting as those youthful days from many years before. Couples of all ages can fall into a romantic rut. Maybe your sex life has become another item on the to-do list or maybe it has taken a back seat role. If you are looking for ways to reignite the spark of romance, there are several things you can do.

1. Get Flirty and Touch More Often.

Often when life gets busy, a couple spends so much time rushing around that both forget to make actual contact. Even on a hurried morning, make time for a kiss before heading out the door to work. Hug your spouse when you both get home at the end of the day. Think about the ways you subtly flirted in the past. A gentle touch of the hand while talking can be sensual. It reminds you both of the excitement you once had.

2. Send a Love Note.

Sometimes an unexpected “I love you” can be thrilling. Leave a sticky note in the car. Write on the bathroom mirror with lipstick. Sneak a love letter in your spouse’s jacket pocket. A handwritten note is meaningful, but even a short text is thoughtful. If you are thinking about your spouse during the day, send a message that says so. If you are feeling particularly naughty, tease about potential activities for the evening.

3. Plan a Surprise.

The routine of work, kids, and chores can be monotonous. Part of the excitement in a new relationship is the unknown. To find that feeling again, plan a surprise for your spouse. Get a babysitter and spend a night out. Take a class or find a hobby you can both enjoy. The key is to do something new together.

4. Focus on Health.

You do not have to have a supermodel figure to feel good about yourself. However, it is important to maintain a reasonable level of fitness with physical activity and nutritious food. If you are not healthy, you are less likely to have a positive body image. Spend time thinking about what you would do to woo your spouse again.

5. Use a Natural Supplement.

Sometimes things are not going well in the bedroom because of health reasons. No matter how healthy you and your spouse are, you will not have the libido you had in your youth. Male enhancement products may get most of the attention, but there are options for women too. Using a supplement like FiredUp can bring back the sexual spark and improve your bedroom activities. FiredUp is intended to reduce stress and psychological inhibitions, increasing blood flow and libido.

Bringing the spark back into your marriage takes time and energy. While you cannot expect things to change overnight, by following a few of these tips, you will be headed in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Reigniting the Spark in Your Marriage

  1. Jenna says:

    I surprise my man at least once a week. My favorite thing to do is send him a text to find me somewhere in the house while we are both home. I always do it when he’s not expecting it. Works every time!!

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