Resveratrol and Red Wine

resveratrol and red wine

Most doctors suggest that cutting back on alcohol consumption is better for your health. However, many recommend for those who are going to drink, they choose a glass of red wine. Red wine has been dubbed a heart-healthy drink, but common sense says to consume it in moderation. For those who do not drink, a new and sudden habit might not be the best choice. Others may shy away for other reasons. This does not mean you cannot enjoy the health benefits of resveratrol though. A supplement might be just what you need to enjoy the benefits.

What is in Red Wine

Red wine has several components that are thought to be beneficial to health. Antioxidants help the body break down free radicals, which damage cells throughout the body. One type of antioxidant is a phenol called resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring substance found in grapes and berries. The amount varies by the each variety. Red wine has a reputation for high resveratrol levels because the fermentation stage includes the skins. White wine does not have the same level, though this is a small amount, because the skins are removed.

Potential Health Benefits

The health benefits of resveratrol are many:

  • Oxidative stress is the reason skin appears aged. It can cause dryness, wrinkles, and a loss of elasticity. Antioxidants reduce these, improving skin health.
  • Resveratrol can reduce the risk for heart disease. It prevents blood vessel damage and clotting by keeping them flexible. It also reduces bad cholesterol levels.
  • Memory problems and a specific condition associated with aging, Alzheimer’s may be prevented. Resveratrol may curb the growth of plaque on the brain which is associated with the disease.

Studies are not conclusive, but it has been suggested that resveratrol may also help in other ways. It may aid in insulin regulation, helping regulate levels for diabetics. It may reduce the risk for some types of cancer. It has also been suggested that resveratrol may have antidepressant properties.

All information on these health benefits it uncertain and more research must be done to fully understand how resveratrol works and any possible contraindications. Like most popular health topics, it is most likely to be beneficial when combined with other healthy practices, including exercise and a balanced diet.

Natural Supplements

For people who do not want to drink a glass of red wine regularly, there is another way to reap the benefits. Natural supplements like AntiOxit contain the properties of these antioxidants.

AntiOxit is made from grape skins. Specifically, it uses the American Muscadine grape. It can be taken twice daily and each dose contains the equivalent of 60 glasses of wine. Because this is far more than could be reasonably drunk, the effects may be more noticeable. AntiOxit has other healthy ingredients as well, like cocoa and lycopene.

For those looking for a little extra help in the nutrition department, the addition of any source for resveratrol looks promising. A supplement may be just what you need.

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