The Smart Guy’s Guide to ED

smart guys guide to ed

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that doesn’t have to be a debilitating one. There are many potential causes of ED which include certain medical conditions, medications and stress. Unhealthy habits, including smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can contribute — as can psychological issues such as relationship difficulties and low self-confidence. Fortunately there are ways to treat the problem. Eliminate ED and get your sex life back on track with these tips:

  1. Kick Mental Hang-ups to the Curb

Sometimes when it comes to ED, it is all about mind over matter. Anxiety over things like appearance and  performance can cause issues — as can too much stress outside of the bedroom. While you can’t always control your exposure to stressors, you can implement some coping mechanisms. Try deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation to help loosen up. And remember — there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

  1. Shift into High Gear with Exercise

You already know exercise is good for your heart, lungs and waistline. But did you know exercise can improve your sex life? Working out boosts blood flow — crucial for strong, healthy erections. Exercise also increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which is exactly what that “little blue pill” does. Weightlifting can raise your body’s production of testosterone — an extremely important factor when it comes to libido and erection strength.

  1. Give your Libido a Boost with These Foods

Foods that encourage vascular health may also help fight ED by increasing blood flow to where it’s needed most. Leafy green vegetables are high in nitrates and may boost circulation. Nitrates work as vasodilators — they open up the blood vessels. Other smart food choices for alleviating ED include beets, dark chocolate and oysters. The high zinc content in shellfish stimulates the release of the sex hormone testosterone.

  1. Break Bad Habits for Better Sex

If you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, quit. The use of tobacco products can restrict the flow of blood to crucial areas because the arteries and vessels become narrow. Excessive alcohol consumption is another bad habit to break. Alcohol depresses the nervous system and reduces the production of nitric oxide — a crucial component to healthy erections. And make sure to turn in early — poor sleep habits can also play a role in erectile dysfunction.

  1. Try a Natural Supplement

Gain the advantage over ED with a natural supplement like BaccUP XS. This product contains all-natural ingredients like Yohimbe and Levoarginine that work together to increase blood flow and sensitivity while heightening arousal. The supplement is effective for over eight hours — allowing you to obtain another erection within a short amount of time.

If ED is cramping your sex life, don’t waste another moment. Get active, improve your diet and kick those bad habits for an easy bedroom boost. It’s estimated that as many as 86 percent of males between the ages of 20 and 35 have experienced erectile dysfunction. If you’re one of them, put the above tips in action and enjoy renewed performance between the sheets.

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