3 Reasons Why Kegel Exercises for Men Are Important

why kegels for men are important

It’s possible you’ve heard of women doing kegel exercises in some scintillating conversation or other and you’ve heard of their many benefits but did you know that these exercises could also be extremely beneficial for men as well? Learn about what kegel exercises for men means and how you can enjoy their benefits every day for yourself.

What Are Kegel Exercises?

Simply put, kegels are exercises where a person contracts and releases the pelvic floor muscles. To perform these exercises, locate your pelvic floor muscles and contract them, then let go. Finding these muscles can be a bit difficult because they’re not used in regular daily activity so look in the mirror, make silly faces, and ask your doctor or a fitness professional if you’re doing it right before you make it part of your daily regimen. When you get the hang of it, try it every day and enjoy the many important benefits of kegel exercises for men, which include:

1. Increased Control of Sexual Organs
Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps a man enjoy a healthier sex life as well as control impulses concerning the sexual organs. This includes increased prostate health and the possibility of reducing the risk of prostate cancer, although no studies have been done to finitely prove this.

2. A Healthier Bladder
Kegel exercises for men allow for better bladder control and that leads to a healthier bladder. For older men or anyone dealing with incontinence, this is not only convenient but also helps solve deeper issues you may be having.

3. A Healthy Gut
Your intestinal tract as well as every part of your gut is an integral part of your overall health in many ways. Strong pelvic floor muscles give your gut the control it needs to evacuate fully and correctly. This contributes to intestinal health and may reduce the risk of colon cancer in addition to other conditions that affect the intestinal tract.

Who Should Do Kegels?

Everyone! Kegel exercises for men are important whether you’re dealing with the issues it helps or not. A few sets of kegels a day will help prevent these issues from occurring in the first place as well as strengthen muscles you never knew you should work out. It’s part of a healthy daily regimen and can be done anywhere, like while you’re killing time in the commute on the way to work, while you’re in the shower, or sitting at your desk. The exercises are discreet and easy to do once you locate the muscles and learn how to do the exercises.

Get a Little Help

If you’re having trouble locating your pelvic floor muscles or learning how to contract them, contact you health care provider for help. Kegel exercises for men really are important and by including them a few times a day, you can enjoy all the benefits. At first, it can be a little difficult and you may find yourself contracting your abdominal muscles instead but you’ll learn and when you do, it becomes very easy to do whenever you have a little down time.

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