4 Reasons Why Kegel Exercises For Women Are Important

why kegels are important for women

Kegel exercises for women are important whether they are prescribed by a doctor or not and can improve the health of the organs connected to the pelvic floor muscles you’ll strengthen while doing these exercises. While there are several health problems that may benefit from kegel exercises, you can also prevent these problems from ever occurring by including them in your daily healthcare regimen.


Why Do Kegels?

Aside from the health benefits of kegel exercises for women, there are other benefits that are aesthetic as well as good for you overall. Learn about how to perform kegel exercises and how you can include them into your daily regimen to enjoy these benefits for yourself!

 1.  Stress Relief

All kinds of exercises provide stress relief but kegel exercises can be done discreetly and anywhere at any time. Stress can cause a lot of things that affect the organs controlled by the pelvic muscles, most specifically the bladder. Incontinence can happen to women at any age and kegel exercises may be greatly beneficial towards eliminating that issue.

2.  Post Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy, while being a beautiful experience, can also do a number on your pelvic floor muscles. After holding and birthing a baby, your pelvic floor muscles are often very weak and can lead to a prolapsed bladder in addition to other uncomfortable things. Kegel exercises promote health in your pelvic region after pregnancy and give you the power to tighten your muscles and feel much more comfortable a lot quicker than you’d imagine.

3.  Uterine Health

Your uterus has its own muscles and they’re connected to the muscles in your pelvic floor. Kegels for women help you keep those muscles healthy and that contributes to a healthy menstrual cycle, reduced risk of uterine cancer, and an easier pregnancy when they’re done before you get pregnant. While there are no factual studies that prove reduced risk, there is testimony from those who practice kegels on a regular basis.

4.  A Healthy Gut

One of the most important organ systems in your body is the digestive tract. It’s tied to everything else that goes on inside you and so a healthy gut makes for a very healthy body. Kegel exercises contribute to the proper movement of everything in your intestinal tract, giving you a very simple way to make sure you maintain a healthy gut.


Learn How to Do Kegels

Kegel exercises for women are easy to complete once you learn where your pelvic floor muscles are located and how to contract them successfully. At first, you may find that you’re contracting your abdominal muscles instead but you’ll learn with practice which muscles you should be working out. If you have trouble locating your pelvic floor muscles, you can ask your health care provider for help and they’ll teach you or let you know you’re doing it right. They have information that will make practicing kegels work best for you. After you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to incorporate kegel exercises into your daily regimen and enjoy all the benefits they offer.  Kegels have amazing benefits and by adding weight resistance you will be able to see these befits much quicker.  To increase your speed and results checkout the FPT Feminine Personal Trainer.

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