Kegel Exercises for Men – Benefits

kegel exercises for men benefits

Kegel exercises are just for women. Statements like this are a common misconception when it comes to the benefits of kegel exercises for both genders. Kegel exercises for men can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn support the bladder, bowel, and sexual function. Kegel exercises are easy enough to do just about anywhere at any time, but it’s important to understand proper techniques and which muscles to use prior to starting.


Kegel Exercises For Men: Benefits

There are numerous reasons the male pelvic muscles can be weakened. Weakening is commonly the result of the removal of the prostate during surgery, an overactive bladder, or even diabetes. The strengthening of these muscles with Kegel exercises can help with incontinence through both the bladder and bowels, which can either be small dribbles and releases, or larger unexpected purges.


Kegel exercises also have the ability to create more intense male orgasms, improved ejaculation control, stronger erections, and easier erections. Kegel exercises help control your orgasm and if you have the ability to stop ejaculation or delay it, then you might be able to achieve multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse. Overall, Kegel exercises not only assist with incontinence control, but can improve your sexual function and experience.


Kegel Exercises Can Work Quickly

With regular practice, 2 – 3 times each day, Kegel exercises for men can show significant improvement in your ability to control urinary leaking. When it comes to strengthening the pelvic muscles proper exercise and consistency are the most important factors.


Finding Your Muscles For Kegel Exercises

Before you’re able to reap the many benefits of stronger pelvic muscles through Kegel exercises for men it’s important to make sure you’re working the correct muscles. The easiest way to find the proper muscles is during urination. Halfway through urinating try to stop or slow down the flow of urine without tensing the muscles in your legs, butt, or abs. It’s also important not to hold your breath. Once you master this ability you’ve found the proper muscles and can begin Kegel exercises.


Mens Kegel Device: Maximum Personal Trainer (MPT)

Once you’ve mastered Kegel exercises you can take kegel exercises for men to the next level with the Maximum Personal Trainer (MPT). The MPT is a clinically tested and doctor approved Kegel medical device which assists with strengthening pelvic muscles related to incontinence and sex. The MPT provides weight resistance when you’re doing Kegel exercises for men. Overall, utilizing a device like the MPT has the ability to speed up your progress and increase your overall strength by as much as 50%.


If you’re interested in more information about Kegel exercises or the Maximum Personal Trainer contact Best For LIfe today: (334) 875-2298.

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