Male Kegel Exerciser: Adding Weight Resistance to Kegel Exercise

male kegels

There comes a time in most man’s life when sexual performance goes on the downside, or when urinary incontinence occurs. We have all heard about an exercise called the kegel — it helps strengthen the PC muscle, which furthermore helps support and control the prostate, bowel and bladder. Once you have strengthened all the important muscles, you will discover your sex life is coming back in style. The one thing that brings even better results is using a male kegel exerciser.

Performing Kegels

The whole philosophy behind the kegel exercise is contracting and relaxing your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. Find this muscle easily by trying to stop urine flow next time you go to the toilet. If you urinate while standing up, your penis will move as you contract the muscle. It is important not to use any other muscle while performing the kegel. Try to keep your buttocks, stomach and thighs relaxed and breathe naturally instead of holding your breath.

When you try this exercise for the first time, hold the contraction for two seconds, then relax and repeat. The practice should be repeated twice per day for five minutes, and you should try to hold the contractions a bit longer each time, until you reach a phase where you can hold them for 4 seconds.

The Right Way of Using the Male Kegel Exerciser

The only way to really boost kegels for men by adding resistance is inserting the upper end of the exerciser into the anal canal. Use the Maximum Pelvic Trainer in a standing position and increase resistance by adding series of weights to the lower end of the exerciser. If you want to work by a proper resistance program, use the main device without additional weight at first. Eight ounces of resistance are provided by using the device on its own. There are four different weight levels, according to the program. Once you master the exercise using the exerciser on its own, it is time to add some weight and go to the next level.

Weights can be added up to a total weight of 16 ounces. The weight is increased by 25% with each level.

Rapid strength gain depends on adding the appropriate weight for each level. A customized program is offered for each user, enabling patients to train and make progress according to their own pace and easily reach optimal results in minimal time.  There are several male kegel exerciser devices on the market but the only FDA approved device we know of that will allow this type of weight resistance training is the MPT male personal trainer.


Vital biofeedback is received from the device and it involves sensory stimulation. Each time a contraction is performed, the exerciser moves upward and inward from half an inch to 2.5 inches. When adding weight resistance to kegel exercise, the movement of the male kegel exerciser will be sensed by receptors in the anal mucosa, but in the surrounding muscle fibers, as well. The patient can also assess movement by hand. Each of these gentle sensory inputs will provide crucial feedback needed for knowing exactly where you stand with the workout and how much further to go with adding weight. The exercise routine will help you strengthen and retain. A right combination of quick contractions and longer, sustained ones will recruit all parts of the pelvic diaphragm and put all muscles to work.

As with any other exercise involving resistance, the strength gained will be lost if the patient stops exercising. The good thing about this program is that is strengthens the muscles so much, it is very easy to obtain the results, and maintenance is very easy — you will need no more than two exercises per week for retaining.

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