bestforlife™provides effective products to assist in overcoming sensitive personal health issues such as incontinence. We strive to develop real solutions for real problems.

Rebuild your inner strength. Reclaim your life.

Our Mission
For over twenty years, all of our practices and product development have been rooted in a sincere desire to offer our customers products that are:

  • Backed by a qualified and experienced scientific research team
  • Composed of statistically effective and balanced compounds for maximum bio-availability and safety
  • Made in America under our direct manufacturing and quality control
  • Contain quality ingredients and/or materials meeting strict medical standards
  • Meet various regulatory agencies’ stringent requirements
  • Maintain reasonable pricing without compromising quality
  • Provide verifiable results for the customer


Verifiable Results

BestforLife products help you quickly and efficiently correct incontinence. We are proud to offer products that promise what we call verifiable results. This simply means that each product has a way to easily determine if it is meeting your expectations. If, however, you happen to be dissatisfied, we will return the purchase price—you can’t lose!


Questions to help you evaluate the verifiable results for each of our products:

FPT and MPT. Can you sense increased strength and control? Have you seen results expected from Kegel exercises at an increased rate? (It is important that you complete the recommended exercise program to accurately verify results.)

Use our products and discover real solutions for real problems through bestforlife.