Reigniting the Spark in Your Marriage

reignite spark in marriage

The story is a common one. A couple has been married for several years. Life is routine. Everything is okay, but it just is not as exciting as those youthful days from many years before. Couples of all ages can fall into a romantic rut. Maybe your sex life has become another item on the […]

Aging Gracefully for Men

age gracefully for men

Aging in men might not take the spotlight in the way that it does for women. However, your body is changing too. For some men, this can lead to decreased confidence and sexuality. Fear and self-consciousness can lead anyone to avoid talking about the subject. After a few decades of being strong and sexy, anything […]

Feeling Sexy After 50

feeling sexy after 50

Middle-age and menopause can leave you feeling unsexy. Sure, no more cramps and feminine products have their appeal, but the change also comes with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and a waning libido. If you find yourself losing interest in romance, it might also have something to do with not feeling sexy anymore. It is time […]

Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Women

benefits of kegel exercises for women

Kegel exercises are commonly prescribed to pregnant women to prepare for childbirth or afterward. However, even women who have not given birth can experience muscle weakness. In both cases, the result can be embarrassing incontinence problems and a decrease in the quality of sexual activity. Kegel exercises strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. This […]

Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men

benefits of kegels for men

Although many men do not talk about it, doing kegel exercises has many benefits. Kegel’s are clinically proven to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, an important benefit as these muscles contribute to a number of health/quality of life functions. Kegels involve contracting these muscles in a regular routine to build strength and muscle tone. Health […]

When Testosterone Production Drops

when testosterone production drops

It has become widely accepted that at a certain age, a man’s testosterone levels begin to drop. However, a study by the Endocrine Society discovered that this is not an inevitable part of aging, but rather a combination of behavior and health factors. The study determined that for most men, it was not a sudden […]

The Smart Ladies’ Guide to Osteoporosis

guide to osteoperosis

Good nutrition is important at every stage of life for both men and women. However, as women age, certain factors become more important than others. One of the common ailments of older women is osteoporosis. Bones become more fragile and therefore have an increased risk for breaking when they otherwise would not. Hip fractures are […]

Easing Nicotine Withdrawal

Everyone knows that smoking and using smokeless tobacco – snuff or dip – is less than healthy. Quitting is never easy though, and the withdrawal symptoms can be intense. They often include exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, irritability, and anxiety. Nicotine is a naturally-addictive substance, and the effect can be more pronounced in smokeless tobacco users than […]

Detecting an Enlarged Prostate

detecting enlarged prostate

The prostate is a gland located between the penis and the bladder. It secretes a white fluid that makes up approximately one-third of semen, along with sperm. This gland can become inflamed and enlarge as a man ages. When enlarged it can contribute to several health concerns, notably changes in urination habits, but is treatable. Although […]

5 Benefits of Antioxidants

benefits of antioxidants

Over the past few years, the word “antioxidants” has become a hot topic among the health conscious. In the simplest terms, an antioxidant is something that slows down the deterioration of stored foods in the body. This breakdown can produce “free radicals,” which affects the most basic functions of the body, such as blood pressure […]

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