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4 Reasons Why Kegel Exercises For Women Are Important

why kegels are important for women

Kegel exercises for women are important whether they are prescribed by a doctor or not and can improve the health of the organs connected to the pelvic floor muscles you’ll strengthen while doing these exercises. While there are several health problems that may benefit from kegel exercises, you can also prevent these problems from ever […]

Why You Need to Do Kegels Postpartum

why kegels postpartum are important

Listen up, ladies — if you’re not already doing Kegels, the postpartum period is a great time to start. Named after 1940s gynecologist Arnold Kegel, these simple exercises are performed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Although they are beneficial for women at any stage of life, it’s even more important to do […]

Reigniting the Spark in Your Marriage

reignite spark in marriage

The story is a common one. A couple has been married for several years. Life is routine. Everything is okay, but it just is not as exciting as those youthful days from many years before. Couples of all ages can fall into a romantic rut. Maybe your sex life has become another item on the […]

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