Incontinence Myths

These are the most common Incontinence Myths that we know of.  We sincerely hope that this will set the record straight for you.


Incontinence is just something men and women have to accept as a natural part of having children and growing older.

Nonsense! Don’t you let anyone ever tell you that again. If incontinence and weak bladder control ever was “normal,” it’s not now. And you don’t have to accept it for one more minute.

Incontinence FACT #1

Most incontinence is caused by a weakening of the pelvic floor muscle (pc muscle).

Just like any muscle, in any other part of your body, your pc muscle can be restored to full strength through proper exercise.

That’s where the FTP and MPT come in. Quickly, comfortably and in the privacy of your own home, the FPT or MPT system can help strengthen your pc muscle. In fact, clinical studies have shown that up to 93% of women who used the FPT saw a reduction – or complete elimination – of incontinence with proper exercise techniques. And so should YOU!


Invasive bladder surgery or painful electric therapies are the only available options for incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms.

Surgery and electric therapies are not your only options to control incontinence. They are costly and risky and if they work at all, it’s often short term.

Incontinence FACT #2

Simple exercises done with the FPT and MPT can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles far better than complex and costly medical procedures.

The FPT and MPT‘s smooth, contoured designs let you gently contract and release your pelvic muscles to safely strengthen the pc muscle.


Trying to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with exercise can take forever.

Well, it’s true that the old-fashioned Kegel exercises for women and Kegel exercises for men were a lifetime sentence. Who wants to do 300 contractions a day for 4 to 6 months just to start seeing results? The good news is: Kegel exercise was then – and FPT and MPT are NOW!

Incontinence FACT #3

If you exercise with the FPT or MPT for just 5 minutes every other day you can see results in just 3 weeks.

The FPT and MPT work at least 48 times faster than traditional Kegel exercises for women and kegel exercises for men. Why? With the FPT and MPT, you are exercising against an actual, easy-to-manage weight – so you strengthen your muscle in a fraction of the time.