Incontinence is a more common in women than men. As such, more than two-thirds of women have reported incontinence of some kind during their lifetime.

In both genders, weakness in the pelvic floor muscles is the major cause of incontinence. The good news is that these muscles can be strengthened through simple Kegel exercises. To help women better perform their Kegels, BestForLife has designed the Feminine Personal Trainer (FPT).


According to results from a clinical studies carried out on the FPT, weight-resistance-assisted Kegels have the following benefits.

Why women in childbirth recovery need FPT-assisted Kegels

Natural childbirth is meant to leave the mother and baby safe and secure. But that is not always the case. Mothers need FPT-assisted Kegel exercises before and after childbirth.

This can give strength to the muscles in and around the birth canal. During birth, the mother will have a short delivery time as well as decrease in the likelihood of birth-related issues.

FPT-assisted Kegel exercises are also very useful after childbirth. Since a number of women have reported suffering from incontinence after giving birth, immediately starting an exercise routine will help bring back the tone to the pelvic floor muscles.

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Clinical studies, the expressed confidence of doctors and physical therapists and satisfied customers allow us to offer you a 100% 60-day risk free guarantee. If regular use of the FPT or MPT does not greatly improve your PC muscle strength and give you the results you desire in less time than any other product or method on the market, we will gladly refund your full purchase price no questions asked.

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Keep the FPT clean using soap and warm water.


Moisten the FPT surface using a lubricant for a more comfortable and effective exercise.


Exercise on a chair, couch or recliner.


Sit with your back resting on the back of the chair. You will need less strength to hold the FPT when inclined and more strength when sitting straight.


Your FPT has two ends, the smaller and the larger one. Take note of that as you will need each for different levels of exercise.


Insert the larger side of the FPT into the vagina. Visualize the pelvic floor muscles as some sort of ring inside the vagina. The larger end of the FPT should rest against this end.


Now is time to start your Kegel exercises. Start by squeezing the slopes of the FPT’s larger end. Every contraction should feel more like an upward pull of the FPT into the vagina. Every movement will make the FPT go up and down in the vagina.


Do a 6-second contraction and follow it up with 5 quick contractions.


Take a 30-second break, then go through the sequence for at least 5 minutes or until tired. As your pelvic floor muscles strengthen, you should be able to do the exercise for longer.

Exercise once every day for you to start gaining strength in your pelvic floor muscles.