Why Kegels for Men?

The pelvic muscles are the third most important muscle group in the body, preceded only by the heart and diaphragm.  As with many unseen parts of the body, the pelvic floor muscle (pc muscle plays a vital role in our health and well being.  When the pc muscle is weakened, physical, personal and social discomfort may result.

Many men experience the following conditions as a result of a weakened pc Muscle:

  • Incontinence
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Post Urinary Drip
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Male Menopause
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from any of the above you should know that when the pc muscle is strengthened again by doing Kegel exercises, many of these negative effects should disappear.


Kegels for men are a better alternative than Drugs or Surgery

The MPT , a kegel exerciser for men, is a clinically proven medical devices that greatly enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of kegel exercises to help you regain urinary control safely and without the costs, risks, and side effects of drugs or surgery.


Kegel Exerciser for men

The Maximum Personal Trainer (MPT) is a clinically tested, doctor recommended medical device to help strengthen your pc muscles. It provides the weight resistance training you need to effectively do Kegel exercises for men. Research indicates that strength levels can increase by 50% in the first week of use—a result many times faster than with traditional pelvic floor exercises.


Health care providers recommend the MPT because they recognize the advantages of strengthening the pc muscles through progressive weight training. Given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer improved results in less time?

The patented Maximum Pelvic Trainer (MPT™) is a physical therapy exercise devices employing an exclusive patented design and exercise method.It applies progressive weight resistance training to the popular Kegel exercises to accelerate the process of increasing the muscle tone of the pelvic floor. 


How does the MPT  kegel exerciser for men benefit traditional Kegels for men?

The secret of the MPT system is in the inter-working of the progressive weight system and the tapered sides of the product. The device is inserted slightly into the rectum and a series of contractions are performed; the tapered sides cause the product to be pulled upward. While this occurs, several important actions are taking place. First, the weight is being lifted. Second, the muscles are constricting on the diminishing diameter of the tapered sides. Third, the entire floor from front to back is lifting weight and receiving a workout. Finally, the nerves of the floor are being stimulated.

As you perform a contraction, you will feel the product move up and inward. As the device moves, you have confirmation that you are doing the exercises correctly and are gaining strength.


How to Use the MPT

Kegel exerciser for men diagram
When you first begin using the MPT, performing a proper contraction will require focused attention. However, after only a few sessions, you will notice that the process becomes more natural. You will not have to “think” about it as much, and soon the exercise will become almost effortless. At that point, you have “retrained” the muscles.
1. You must first locate the pc muscles. Do this by tightening the muscles around the rectum and urethra just as if you were trying to stop urinating. To be sure you are targeting the correct muscles, you might practice stopping and staring the flow of urine. Stop your urine flow and try to hold it for a few seconds. Start and stop several times.


2. Wash your MPT with warm water. The stainless steel heats up quickly so do not use hot water.

3. Apply a lubricant to moisten the surface of the MPT. This not only provides greater comfort, but also is necessary to make the exercise more effective.

4. Insert the MPT SLOWLY and GENTLY into the anus. Insertion should reach the centerline but not beyond. Done correctly this should cause no discomfort. You will feel the product reach the centerline and should remain in that position with little or no effort on your part.

5. Once properly positioned, perform a contraction by squeezing on the tapered sides. The MPT should move upward as it is lifted by your pc muscles, and possibly inward as it moves deeper into the anal canal. With each contraction you should feel like you are pulling the MPT upward into your rectum. This movement should be as little as ½” and up to 2”. Each exercise set consists of one 6 second contraction followed by five rapid contractions, resting as needed. Repeat this routine for 5 to 10 minutes or until fatigued.

6. Perform this routine every other day until receiving desired results. Be sure to rest muscles on off days.

Enjoy your newfound inner strength and the new freedom you will have!