Kegel Exercises for Women with Incontinence

Needing kegel exercises for women

Two out of every three women suffer from some form of incontinence or overactive bladder. This often causes embarrassment and leads women to be less active and more secluded. Women often spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year to fight the symptoms of incontinence and overactive bladder. If you struggle with incontinence you may have come across all sorts of products and drugs that mask the problem and sometimes even make it worse. Why risk the complications of surgical procedures or the side effects of prescription drugs? Why settle for adult diapers when a safe, easy, and permanent solution is available with the FPT.

Clinical studies show that 80% of women with stress incontinence experience a reduction or complete elimination of their incontinence symptoms when they do regular kegel exercises with added weight resistance.

  • Strong pc muscles are known to reduce or even eliminate incontinence
  • Most FPT users see increased strength within 2-3 weeks
  • The FPT provides a cost effective solution for incontinence sufferers
  • The FPT affords the dignity and privacy that most women desire
  • Incontinence relief with the FPT will save you thousands of dollars per year


Why should women do Kegel exercises?

What woman doesn’t want to have full control of her bladder, a smooth childbirth process and increased physical stimulation during intercourse? All of these are possible when Kegel exercises are performed regularly and correctly.

  • Imagine never having to restrict your daily activities because of your fear of an accident. Imagine never having to put up with another restless night of sleep because of frequent urination. Imagine no more diapers or pads. All of this embarrassment can be avoided when the FPT is used with pelvic floor exercises.
  • Imagine a smoother, quicker childbirth process with better recovery time! It is possible when women do Kegel exercises with the FPT.
  • Imagine having improved intimacy and a stronger vaginal embrace! Think of the enjoyment that is possible with regular use of the FPT.



Kegel FTP device with doctor


Having a strong pc muscle is easy when Kegel exercises for women are done with a vaginal weight like the FPT. Want to know why the FPT is the best option for strengthening your pc muscle? Click here for more information and a product comparison.


Kegel Exercises for Women in Childbirth Recovery

kegel after childbirth

Childbirth should be as safe as possible for both mother and baby. Prenatal care that includes pc muscle training with the FPT is excellent preparation for childbirth. Kegel exercises done with the FPT can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the birth canal. This may result in shortened delivery times for mothers and can decrease the possibility of common birth-related complications.

Virtually all medical professionals recommend Kegel exercises for women in postnatal recovery. Regular use of the FPT will greatly reduce the time needed to re-tone your pelvic floor muscles.

Some of its pre and post natal benefits include:

  • Possible reduced delivery and recovery time
  • Strengthens stretched pc muscles with little effort and time.
  • Strong muscles can insure bladder control
  • Strong pc muscles may reduce lower back pain
  • Increase physical intimacy


Kegel Exercises for Women Wanting to Improve Sexual Health

Womens sexual health kegel exercise
After having children or as you have matured, have you ever asked your partner if there is less stimulation during intercourse? Probably not. Most women haven’t. You may not even realize what you have lost. You may be cheating yourself, as well as your partner, in being able to enjoy physical intimacy the way it was meant to be. Do you achieve orgasm during sex or has it become something only your husband enjoys? Have you lost all interest in sex? Surprisingly women who think they no longer desire sex feel this way because they no longer are satisfied during intercourse. Many accept this as a natural part of aging or just having been married for years. This is not true. Weak pc muscles can cause reduced sensitivity and desire for you and your partner. Science has proven that PC muscles lose their tone or conditioning as women age resulting in diminished physical intimacy. This problem can be easily reversed when Kegel exercises are done with the FTP.

There is no other product, method or medical procedure on the market that can increase you strength as quickly, or to the degree, that weight resistance training with the FPT offers. The FPT will strengthen your body naturally, providing increased sexual enjoyment for both you and your partner.

Combined use of Kegel exercises for women and the FPT can result in:

  • increases stimulation for both partners
  • Increased frequency and duration of climax
  • Reduced potential dissapointment between partners
  • Improved vaginal lubrication


How to do Kegel exercises with the FPT

1. Wash your FPT with soap and warm water. Do not use hot water.

2. Apply a vaginal lubricant to moisten the surface of the FPT. This not only provides greater comfort but also is necessary to make the exercise more effective.

3. Find a comfortable chair, recliner or couch so you can exercise comfortably.

4. To position yourself correctly, sit in a slightly reclined position resting against the back of a chair. The angle of your back is important and will enable you to adjust the weight of the FPT to your level of strength. The more reclined you sit, less strength will be needed to hold the FPT. The straighter you sit greater strength is needed.

Using FPT for kegel
Your body will tell you how far forward or back you need to sit. For example, a woman with very weak pelvic floor muscles will need to lean far back to control the weight of the FPT. However, you would not want to lay flat because this would require no effort. As you gain greater strength you will want to sit up straighter. This will increase the amount of effort needed to hold the FPT. It is important that you understand this concept. The FPT works for every women regardless of her strength. Simply adjust the sitting angle to your needs.

5. Note the two different ends of your FPT. This unique shape is designed for two levels of exercise.

Kegel diagram for FPT


Ftp kegel diagram


For practical purposes, imagine the pc muscles as a ring shaped muscle just inside the vagina. Once in place, the sloped sides of the larger end of the FPT will be resting against the pc muscles.

6. After inserting your FPT, begin your pelvic floor exercises, gently squeezing the sloped sides of the larger end. With each contraction you should feel like you are pulling the FPT upward into your vagina. As you contract, the FPT will slightly rise and fall inside the vagina. —

pc muscle exercise with the FPTEach exercise consists of one 6 second contraction followed by five rapid contractions, then resting for 30 seconds. Repeat this sequence until tired or for approximately 5 min. The amount of time you spend working out should increase as you grow stronger.

NOTE: If the FPT is pushed out during a contraction you might not have placed it far enough into the vagina. Another reason for this, might be that you are pushing with your abdominal muscles instead of pulling with your pc muscles.


7. Do your work out once a day or every other day and you should begin to see results much faster than you did with your regular kegel exercises for women.



Maintaining your pc muscle strength

Like all other exercise, your progress will depend on the initial strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Factors that may affect pc muscle strength might be your age, the number of children you delivered, your level of sexual activity and related surgery.

With proper, consistent and moderate use, you should be able to reach the goals for each exercise in a reasonable amount of time. When you are satisfied that you have sufficiently strengthen your pc muscle, simply maintain your muscle strength by doing pelvic floor exercises with the FPT as needed.

You should view these Kegel exercises for women as a life long process much the same as you would your overall physical fitness.

Enjoy you new found inner strength and enjoy the freedom it will give you!