What is Maximum Personal Trainer (MPT)?

To help men get better and faster results from kegels, BestForLife has designed and released the MPT. The MPT is meant to accelerate and enhance how effectively one does Kegel exercises.

You can easily regain control over your urinary tract using this safe and cost-effective device. In fact, you no longer have to endure the side effects and risks of surgery and drug treatment methods.

The reason why MPT is recommended by medical practitioners is that it enables you to strengthen pelvic floor muscles progressively. The MPT works by providing weight resistance exercises so that men can use their Kegels more effectively. These devices have been scientifically proven to be able to strengthen pelvic floor muscles by up to 50 percent. That is much more than traditional Kegels can do for you.

What is the benefit of MPT use for men?

MPT works by combining a weight system with a tapered side. It is slightly inserted into a man’s rectum before successive contractions are performed. Due to the tapered side, the product is pulled upward.

As this happens, a few things of great importance are happening. First is the lifting of the weight. Second is the constriction of muscles around the tapered side. Third, there is a lift in the entire pelvic floor for the much-desired workout. Finally, there is a stimulating effect on the pelvic floor nerves.

Every time you do a contraction, the MPT will move upwards and inwards. The movement of the device is testimony that you are gaining great strength by correctly doing the exercises.

Money Back Seal

Clinical studies, the expressed confidence of doctors and physical therapists and satisfied customers allow us to offer you a 100% 60-day risk free guarantee. If regular use of the FPT or MPT does not greatly improve your PC muscle strength and give you the results you desire in less time than any other product or method on the market, we will gladly refund your full purchase price no questions asked.

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First, try to feel the pelvic floor muscles by tightening the muscles around the urethra and rectum like you are trying to stop urinating. Try practicing starting and stopping urine flow so as you are sure you are working on the right muscles. Stop the flow of urine and hold it for a number of seconds. Alternate between starting and stopping several times.


Once you remove the MPT, wash it with warm water. To prevent the stainless steel from quickly heating up, do not use hot water.


You need to moisten the MPT surface by applying a lubricant. Apart from providing greater comfort, it gives you a more effective exercise.


The MPT should be inserted gently and slowly into the rectum to reach the centreline and not beyond. Make sure you are not feeling any discomfort.


It time to apply pressure on the pointed side to lift the MPT upward and deeper into the rectum. Perform several contractions of between 1 and 2 inches into the rectum. Do one contraction lasting 6 seconds and follow it up with five quick contractions. Go through cycles of this exercise for between 5 and 10 minutes. Make sure you rest in between.

You can do this routine daily until you get the results you have been looking for. You can set aside some rest days while at it.