For the past ten years BestForLife™ , has provided effective products to assist with the challenges of sensitive, personal health issues. Our Pelvic muscle weight training systems are considered the leading products within the category and are currently used by health professionals in clinics around the world as well as individuals from all walks of life. Further, for twenty two years our management and employees have been directly involved in the herbal industry producing unique products to help customers overcome nicotine addiction. This vast experience is now the catalyst for developing our natural products line of products for men and women.

In 2012 we made the resolute decision to launch a nutritional supplement line of products. This decision was born from a sincere desire to offer our customers products that are:

  • Backed by a scientific research team with years of experience in internal medicine and chemistry to provide products based on science
  • Contain quality ingredients meeting strict medical standards
  • Formulations which are researched and combined to form statistically effective compounds and are balanced for maximum bio-availability and safety
  • Made in America under our direct manufacturing and quality control
  • Meet the various regulatory agencies stringent requirements
  • Maintain reasonable pricing without compromising quality
  • Provide verifiable, measurable results for the customer

To remain within regulatory compliance standards often require us to “not state” how effective our products really are even though our customers report remarkable results. The legal restrictions regarding product performance claims means we do not state the many results we believe you will experience. Rather, we do seek to have products which offer you the promise of “verifiable results”.

To us, “verifiable results” mean that with each product there is a way to determine if it is working up to your BestForLife expectations. For BaccUP XS, BaccUP Max, FireUP, Daily Male enhancement products the test is simple…did it work or not, were you satisfied? NicoFree Ultra, NicoFree Smoker and NicoFree Plus products are determined if stress levels decrease. EpiCal, ProState, AntiOxit, VesLcare and others may offer results you can sense but also your doctor can help verify the results via lab test if so desired. And, if you are dissatisfied with the results, we will return the purchase price…you can’t lose.

We hope you will give our products a try and discover the benefit of BestForLife products.