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The ingredients found in DailyMale™ testosterone booster supplements have been clinically shown to encourage the natural production of Testosterone, enhance the male response, promote a healthy sexual interest and stamina and may improve muscle strength/growth and promote masculinity.

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The ingredients found in Daily male have been clinically shown to encourage the natural production of Testosterone, enhance the male response, promote a healthy sexual interest and improve stamina. These ingredients also make Daily Male one of the leading natural testosterone booster supplements available today.  Studies indicate improved muscle strength/growth while promoting masculinity. While many see immediate results with Daily Male testosterone booster supplements, it is intended to be used daily for a minimum of thirty days. For maximum sexual response results testosterone booster supplements may be combined with Bacc-Up.

Low-T – Low Testosterone & Testosterone Booster Supplements

As males age past 30, studies show that testosterone levels dramatically drop and by 45 often are at seriously low levels. This affects the maintenance of muscle mass, strength, health and sexual energy. The latest health fad has termed the severe testosterone deficiency as Low-T (Low Testosterone).

Testosterone levels naturally decline with aging however, a significant percentage of men are experiencing premature declines which lead to symptom called male menopause or Andropause. Statistics vary and no single person constitutes a meaningful statistic but declining levels of testosterone becomes common after the age of 30. Conservative estimates indicate that by age 35, 15 to 20 % of men have low levels of Testosterone, by age 45, 25 %, by 55, one-half and by 65, greater than one half. Men with declining testosterone may experience some of the following symptoms: Loss of interest in sex, fatigue, tiredness, loss of muscle strength, ED or erectile dysfunction, weight gain (especially fat around waist),depression and loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities.

Replacing testosterone is often done using injections, patches or gels, an approach that we believe is over kill for many men. Fortunately, another approach is to use herbs in the form of testosterone booster supplements to help naturally stimulate your bodies inherent testosterone producing capability. Daily Male is a truly unique and remarkable product which combines traditional herbal medicine with modern science. Studies indicate that the ingredients have been shown to raise one’s own production and utilization of natural testosterone, growth hormone and to improve circulation, muscle mass and bone strength. When male hormones are increased back to youthful levels a degree of youthful response rises up. Confidence improves, interest increases and over all energy and stamina is restored.

Daily male is designed to be taken routinely once or twice daily. For those that find themselves in an unplanned, spontaneous event this is a welcomed benefit. Further, if you need or desire an even more powerful response, Daily Male can be combined with either of our BaccUP products safely.

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Epimedium Eurycoma Longfolia Levoarginine Glutamic Acid

Side Effects:

May cause mild flushing, sensation of heat and rare stomach upset. If these occur take with food. Headaches have been rarely reported and have been mild and transient. Transient restlessness, sleeplessness and mild stimulation have been reported. Reduce dosage or take Monday through Friday with weekends off

Warnings and Cautions

Do not take if you are under treatment for prostate cancer, Renal Failure or Chronic Kidney Disease or have known allergy to Euracoma longfolia or other ingredient.

Drug Interaction

May increase effects of niacin or vasodilators such as hydralazine and nitroglycerine. Do not take if you use nitroglycerine. Taking concurrently with oral anticoagulants (blood thinners) other than aspirin may decrease effectiveness of these medicines.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I wish you would make a protein shake with this in it. It’s great I just hate taking pills.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Every day since Nov 8th and won’t ever stop! It does exactly what it claims to do.

  3. 4 out of 5


    I like it. The first bottle I received had tablets that were a little dusty and some were broken but the last bottle I bought were in capsules. It seems to be working I hope they stick with the capsules.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using it for two weeks and I can already tell it’s working!

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The measurable results for Daily Male are:

Do you wake up with an erection similar to your youth?

Do you find a general increase in readiness with more interest than before?

Are your performance concerns lessened?

Did you experience a heightened, more intense experience/response?
-If used for body building, do you find it easier to gain muscle mass? -If you are dieting, do you find that weight loss is easier?
If the answer is yes then join the ranks of the many satisfied Daily Male customers.

EPIMEDIUM AND ICARIIN/ EPIMEDIUM:  Many species of Epimedium have sexual enhancement properties associated with their Icariin content. The primary active ingredient in epimedium is Icariin (ICA). Icariin works by increasing levels of nitric oxide, which relax smooth muscle. It has been demonstrated to relax the vascular tissue of the corpus callosum by increasing nitric oxide and decreasing PDE-5 activity. Thereby allowing a firm erection to occur.

Icariin is the primary active compound in Epimedium and inhibits the activity of PDE-5 in a manner similar to prescription ED medications. Epimedium has other activity but the primary substance for making it useful for ED treatment is Icariin, pronounced I-Kah-ree-in or I-kare-ee-in. Many Epimedium species contain Icariin as their primary vasoactive substance and concentrations vary widely with different subtypes and how they are grown. No minimum daily requirements are set for this herbal substance which is generally regarded as safe and non-toxic.Herbal teas containing 6 to 8 grams of the leaf and stem preparation are frequently consumed without side effects. Excessive use may result in flushing, feelings of warmth and occasional headaches thus it is usually self limiting. There may be more than 100 varieties and subtypes of this useful plant.


EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA/Eurycoma longifolia:  has been traditionally used for its sexual enhancement and aphrodisiac properties as well as to increase the muscle mass, strength and masculinity. It has also been used in traditional herbal medicine for its reported antimalarial, aphrodisiac, antimicrobial and antipyretic activities. Many Malaysian and Southeast Asian herbal practitioners dispense E. longfolia for the above purposes. Regular intake is often recommended to improve strength, stamina and general wellbeing. The current notoriety of Eurycoma and the great majority of this herb consumed in S.E. Asia is intended for its reported benefits for male virility.

Eurycoma longifolia commonly known as Tongkat Ali has gained notoriety because it is reported to increase male virility and sexual prowess. Eurycoma longifolia is described as South East Asian home- grown Viagra and is said to increase sexual desire, excitement and enhancing performance. In most formulas, the minimal Eurycoma longifolia percentage is sub-therapeutic since the active Eurycoma fractions have poor oral bioavailability. This is a real plus for DailyMale since like all BestForLife products it is formulated for maximum bioavailability. Absorbability is greatly enhanced by our proprietary methods

Eurycoma is currently the focus of intense research and preliminary studies support many of its traditional uses. Laboratory and animal studies confirm that it does increase circulating testosterone levels, muscle mass and frequency of intercourse in mammals. Due to E. longifolias testosterone enhancing effects, sports medicine specialists and sports trainers are currently interested in it for these promising anabolic effects. Early clinical studies support its use. It has been included in other male enhancment products (and muscle building supplements) most with very poor bioavailability which has been corrected in our products.

LEVOARGININE AND GLUTAMIC ACID: both function in sexual health by being promoters of blood vessel health. Both work together for general vascular health. Levoarginine, also called L-
Arginine is an important substrate (ingredient) from which the body makes Nitric oxide in the presence of the NO-Synthetase thereby leading to the filling of the corpus cavernosum and a firm erection. It works particularly well in the presence of Icariin from Epimedium to produce erections and heightened sexual responses. When Levoarginine is purified it behaves more powerfully in stimulating the general production of NO.

In brief, Levoarginine is a safe, versatile amino acid precursor of nitric oxide promoting sexual function.  The metabolism of L-arginine leads to the formation of nitric oxide an important substance for healthy dilation of blood vessels, circulation, and blood flow.  In a prospective, double-blind trial, Levoarginine supplementation supported healthy endothelial function in the blood vessels of male volunteers.

Nitric Oxide is a cell signaling mediator substance important in numerous physiological processes.  Nitric Oxide is an important and fundamental biological regulator.  Nitic Oxide is biologically synthesized in the body from Levoarginine, NADPH and O2 in the presence of the enzymes of the Nitric Oxide Synthetase Complex (NOS).  It signals the surrounding smooth muscle tissue to relax the blood vessels increasing blood flow and among many other functions allows the erectile tissues of the penis to fill producing a functional erection.

Glutamic Acid and Levoarginine:  are amino-acids that our body uses as nutrients and they are found in many different foods.  They are considered truly safe as nutrients.  Both have essential functions in the body in the nervous system and  vascular system.  Levoarginine improves blood vessel health  and flexibility. Their benefits are multiple, including: Bone Health, Cardiovascular Health and Nervous System Health.  They act more efficiently when taken in their pure forms being more available for their functional purposes.  This is primarily to produce neurotransmitters and vasoactive substances.

Even though they are essential to normal health and metabolism a minimal daily requirement is not set for them because the body synthesizes them and re-synthesizes them in a complex equilibrium. For this reason they are not considered essential amino-acids as our body can and does synthesize them from other amino-acids. 4 grams of purified Glutamic Acid is considered the maximum daily dose in a well hydrated subject. Studies done in the 1950s suggested an greater frequency of kidney stones unless fluids were increased to maintain urine flow. 4 to 6 grams of purified Levoarginine per day have been proven to be non-toxic and are frequently used by body builders. Again flushing occurs but with less frequency than with Glutamic Acid, and again high fluid intake is suggested with large intake of all purified amino-acids products.

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