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Kegels For Women – Female Kegel Exercise Device

$ 90.00

4.41 out of 5

The FPT™ Kegel Exerciser for women provides the fastest, safest, and most effective way to rapidly strengthen the pelvic muscles. An effective kegel exercise program is highly recommended by women’s health professionals to relieve symptoms of urinary incontinence, to enhance sexual responsiveness for women and their partners, and to improve overall physical and sexual health. The weight resistance added to kegel exercise for women from the FPT greatly increases results and reduces the amount of time necessary to see those results.

Which size FPT is right for me?

  • Standard. The Standard FPT fits 80-90% of women, especially those who have had children by vaginal delivery and who are sexually active.
  • Small FPT seems to be a better fit for post-menopausal women.
  • Petite. The Petite FPT is best suited for women who have very small vaginal canals or who have chronic pelvic pain. This size is also generally recommended for women ages 60+.

Other info specific to size:

  • Standard and Small: only the larger end of the Standard and Small FPT should be inserted into the vaginal canal. The small end of the device provides weight and balance only, as it is not sloped at the correct angle for exercise lifts.
  • The Petite: both ends of the device are sloped at the correct angle for exercise lifts, so either end may be inserted into the vaginal canal.


“Wow I’m seeing great results in just two weeks. I love my FPT!!” – Jenny

“I had just accepted that sometimes I would have accidents (when I sneeze, laugh, etc…) I’m cured! This really worked for me. I would recommend the FPT to any woman who can’t always hold it.”  – Janice


International Orders:  Additional shipping cost may be incurred due to your countries customs and tariffs


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