What is Tcare?

Tcare is a new product from Best For Life for dental aftercare.  It is a black tea bag that is pre-moistened and infused with essential oils that is specifically designed for oral use after dental procedures.

tcare dental tea bags


Why does the world need Tcare?

Dentist have been recommending the use of teabags after dental procedures for a long time.  The properties of tea offer a great many benefits to patients after these procedures but the problem is that regular tea bags such as those purchased from your grocery store are not designed for oral use and do not fit well in a patients mouth.  So the solution is Tcare!  Specifically designed for oral use, these tea bags are pre-moistened which means you do not have to steep them first so they are ready to use.  Tcare can be purchased without flavoring or Tcare is also available infused with different essential oils  which are all commonly used in dental products.  Tcare can be purchased infused with clove, peppermint, or lemon grass essential oils.  All of the ingredients in Tcare are considered to be food products and Tcare is made in a FDA approved food safe manufacturing facility in the United States.  Since it is considered a food like chewing gum it requires no prescription.  Tcare allows dentist who recommend the use of teabags as an aftercare treatment to give their patients a ready to use tea bag conveniently from there own office instead of requiring them to the grocery store, purchase the tea bags, steep the tea and wait for it to cool.  Plus Tcare's for those who aren't fond of the taste of plain tea Tcare offers palatable flavors.


Where can I purchase Tcare?

Tcare is exclusively sold to dentist and dental suppliers.  There is no retail outlet to purchase them however; most dentist offices will be happy to order them for you if you ask.  No prescription is required and it is available for purchase at any dental office that chooses to carry it.   If your dentist has further questions please direct them to their dental suppliers.  If you are a dentist or a dental supplier and are interested in finding out more about Tcare and how to make a purchase then please click here or go to http://tcaredental.com/ to learn more about acquiring our product.



The benefits of Tcare